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How to Navigate your Social Life during your Early Addiction-Recovery Days?

Introduction: The path to full recovery after rehab is a long and gradual one. The processes involved in recovery will be successful only if the patient remains sober all the time. But, this task becomes difficult if one has a mismanaged social life. The misconception of society that a person can't have a social life if he is under-recovery leads to unwanted situations of paranoia and depression. But any patient going through the process can have an active social life. Experts from suboxone ...

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Is Violence a Specific Result of Substance Abuse?

Introduction: Society has assumed that violence is the direct result of substance addiction, and scientists have proven the same. Substance abuse leads to reduced control of a person on his body, leading to intended violence. People who have undergone Suboxone treatment have reported how drugs can create an urge to do something violent. This urge is made due to the increased hormonal activity in the body. 75% of Substance addicts who come to suboxone treatment near me have reported a history ...

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Eliminating the Doubts Regarding the Nature of Addiction to Facilitate Treatment:

Introduction: Perceptions regarding the essence of substance use disorders have impeded treatment for numerous individuals by stigmatizing addiction due to weak will and moral failing. Such perceptions limited the treatment options and made individuals reluctant to come forward and seek drug addiction treatment until their problems reached the optimum level. The nature of addiction Science puts forward two schools of thought regarding the nature of addiction. Several medical pieces of ...

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